Quality Control

As a leading urban design and architecture practice in Europe, MVRDV has extensive experience in large scale urban planning, urban design, research and architecture projects. MVRDV has adopted an internal standard equal to the ISO 9001 certificate of quality management systems, so as to facilitate working with offices and consultants that conform to the standard. This ensures that MVRDV delivers high quality work on time while remaining flexible: staff work within agreed hours due to forward planning. The standard provides quality assurance measures throughout the design, documentation and implementation phases of our design projects.

The ISO standards are of particular relevance for goods and services production with regularity and consistency as primary deliverables. The ultimate objective of Quality Assurance however, is client satisfaction. MVRDV maintains a leading role in the field by consistently delivering  satisfying results to its clients. Part of MVRDV's ambition to create outstanding design quality requires us to think beyond the conventional, to question common values, to query mundane rules, and thus, ironically, to challenge quality assurance codes.

MVRDV has also adopted its own system of quality control to maintain the quality of production across a wide range of media and fields. The MVRDV standards are written down in a handbook, an internal quality system which adopts the ISO norms that are suitable for a creative, interdisciplinary design company. The handbook provides both an internal standard and a standard for collaborators of the firm, including an obligatory manual and code of conduct as well as technical and graphical standards. MVRDV applies, if required, BIM (Building Information Modeling) to increase productivity and efficiency during the design and execution of projects.

In order to maintain our high-quality service, a series of quality teams have been created that report to the directors and are responsible for following changing developments in legislation, software, construction documents, drawing systems, product information and material systems. The quality teams implement the collected knowledge in the office by means of workshops, lectures and the creation of new standards. This is a way to not only create responsible staff but also to respond quickly to new developments in the constantly changing building industry. In the context of the fast changing legislation in the many countries MVRDV works in, this is a particularly important aspect of quality control.