Sustainable Design

MVRDV approaches sustainability with the view towards the enormous potential of research, experimentation, and testing to improve both the energy efficiency of buildings as well as the more holistic idea of sustainable buildings for the future. MVRDV engages with the concept of sustainability across a wide range of scales and approaches:  everything from the detailed climate control systems designed in collaboration with engineers Arcadis to make the entirely glass-clad Book Mountain in Spijkenisse use less energy, to the design of the 45 hectare Floriade horticultural exhibition in the Dutch New Town of Almere, a lasting Cité Idéale that will be converted after the event into a sustainable extension to the existing city centre.

" Sustainability immediately brings to mind the enormous potential of research, experimentation, and testing. The term sustainability links large and small scales, from the city to the individual " Winy Maas, 1999

Sustainability is more than just hype or smart marketing; it means more than just adding solar panels. Sustainable development has been one of the MVRDV's main agendas since its founding, with the aim of fundamentally responding to our collective responsibility to contribute to society. Sustainability is a holistic concept which stretches far beyond energy-performance to include added-value, resilience, and the quality of user's experience. Quality is the motivation to change habits of consumption; demanding not less consumption but a more intelligent definition of consumption. This can be achieved through better and smarter buildings and urban environments, and a more positive balance between cities and nature. While continuously striving for integrated, intelligent sustainable concepts.

" We see the earth changing, we monitor its development and we react. " Jacob van Rijs, 2005

BREEAM and LEED environmental assessment methods enable us to visualize the performance of our buildings; Arjen Ketting, MSc, in-house licensed LEED / BREEAM assessor, interprets specifications and requirements and liaises with our clients, advisors and project teams to achieve the highest sustainability rating possible within the given scope of a project. 

In addition to this, the firm conforms to the ISO 14001 standard in order to evaluate its own environmental performance and compliance with international standards.

" Sustainability is Economy. " Nathalie de Vries, 2008