Jacob van Rijs at 2 Architects, 2 Positions

Jacob van Rijs at 2 Architects, 2 Positions

On the occasion of the 6th week of architecture A6 in Munich, Germany, Jacob van Rijs will take a critical look at the German culture of planning and designing on May 20; together with Manfred Ortner, one of the founders of the architecture office Ortner & Ortner Baukunst, the two architects will discuss the two different positions.

The event will be admission free, no reservations are necessary.

To what extent is density developable? Is it even more developable than the archetypal quality of the European city with its contemporary culture techniques allows? Is the "Renaissance of Density" more than just a space artistic vision? How far can the the view over the edge of the continent go? Does the structural density phenomena of the global metropolises also derive for Munich? Does Munich have the new urban potential?

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Location: Evangelische Stadtakademie, Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße 24, 80331 Munich, Germany