El Croquis #173: MVRDV - Evolutionary City

El Croquis #173: MVRDV - Evolutionary City

‘Evolutionary City’ entitles the third monographic issue of MVRDV in the El Croquis series which has been released today. Following ‘Stacking and Layering’ (2002) and ‘Artificial Ecologies’ (1998), this third issue #173 focusses on 22 works from 2003 to 2014 complemented by a conversation between the founders of MVRDV and Powerhouse Company and an essay by architecture critic and curator Aaron Betsky.

Issue #173 is a reflection on MVRDV’s buildings and designs since 2003 and an investigation of the context in which they have been conceived. Aaron Betsky analyses in an essay the evolution of MVRDV’s theoretical design paradigms and their products realised since the early 90s till date; those and MVRDV’s development as a firm of more than two decades in practice are more specifically discussed on subjects such as context, collaboration and prototype in a conversation with Charles Bessard and Nanne de Ru of Powerhouse Company.

Aaron Betsky: “MVRDV happens to also create buildings that are beautiful in a traditional sense. They delight with their forms and draw you through their elements with well thought-out sequences of space.”

A total of 22 works are examined through a vast array of full page colour photographs, models, diagrams and drawings. It revisits the now completed Matsudai Cultural Center and the Barcode House in Munich, and further includes projects such as the remodeled Frøsilos in Copenhagen, the Market Hall in Rotterdam, the Bałtyk Tower in Poznan, the Book Mountain library in Spijkenisse, the Glass Farm in Schijndel and the urban plan Freeland / Almere Oosterwold, among others.

El Croquis is one of the most internationally renowned architectural magazines. #173 (bilingual edition English/Spanish) contains 256 pages and is available both as hardcopy and digital version. It can be purchased via the El Croquis website