The Why Factory Books

The Why Factory Books

The Why Factory concentrates on the production of models and visualizations for future cities. ANYWHERE. The Why Factory makes new cities! It researches possible directions of our urban futures: The Future City Program.
The research on the Future City is undertaken through the interactive composition of three fields. It speculates on possible theoretical models in the model city program. It makes counter proposals for existing cities. It store its knowledge through a evolutionary gaming program.

The Why Factory runs independent research projects, PhD programs, Architecture and Urbanism Master studios, Postgraduate studios at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, master classes, workshops, debates and Q and A's.

The Why Factory publishes studies through a series of books in collaboration with Nai publishers in Rotterdam and Tonik graphic design office in Amsterdam and through Films in collaboration with Wieland & Gouwens, animators in Rotterdam and the BBC in London. It discusses them through television programs with the VPRO in Hilversum and exhibitions in different places ( in 2008: NAI, HK Design Institute. In 2009: NAI and Aedes Gallery Berlin)

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