Myst Light Fixture

Myst Light Fixture

Myst is the redesign of the “VPRO high frequency light fixture, and is provided with a 16 mm diameter T5 neon tube. Myst is more slender, more compact, more workplace- and user-friendly, and easier to install than the original. It has kept its characteristic form and transparent quality” and is still attractively priced.

The hood of Myst is made of milky-white acrylic material (PMMA) with a light transmission of 68% - or – clear transparent acrylic material (PMMA), creating indirect lighting. Myst is available in two lengths. For 28W or 54W fluorescent tubes and for 35W, 49W or 80W fluorescent tubes.Myst can also be supplied with a dimmer and/or daylight-dependent regulation.

Technical Specifications

Width: 103 mm
Height: 96 mm (28W and 54W) 91 mm (35W, 49W and 80W)
Length: 1180 mm (28W and 54W) 1480 mm (35W, 49W and 80W)

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