T?F - We Want World Wonders

T?F - We Want World Wonders

"The Pyramids of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Eiffel Tower – these are current world wonders . . .
They seem to play a role on the scale of the planet. 
They are the dreams of all architects, children, politicians, leaders and clients.
They are surrounded by stories and myths. 
They make us wonder. 
They make us think. 
They impress us and thus somehow guide us. 
They put our daily lives and efforts into perspective.
They are marks of the times.
But how to make them?"

MVRDV together with Delft University of Technology run an independent think tank and research institute, which publishes studies through a series of books in collaboration with nai010 publishers in Rotterdam. 

Their seventh volume, untitled 'We Want World Wonders, Building Architectural Myths' explores the world of architectural wonders and wonderment. It examines current classifications and it wonders about new categories.

Through the eyes of students it speculates on possible fields that might propel us  towards the realization of new world wonders, of exemplary and wonderful projects. It forms a new atlas of wonders. 

Avaliable in English, 240 pages, BUY HERE